STARS Updates

USA Flag Day. STARS Updates

On this Flag Day, June 14, 2024, check out YouTube “Ragged Old Flag” – Johnny Cash – Super Bowl LVII – Tribute to America The 11 High School STARS are concentrating on studying for November nation-wide final exams. Unfortunately, some school mates are sent home until paying more school fees. The 3 College STARS are […]

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STARS Updates

Here are key updates on the STARS. Fourteen “Students Transforming Africa Renewing its Society” are in their final years. Three are completing colleges in pharmacy, power engineering and human administration. Eleven are preparing for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams scheduled for Novemeber. Heavy rains with deadly flooding delayed the start of the second term

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STARS Thankful

I am counting down the days to Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving, I depart to Kenya. My thoughts are on the STARS.  There are college graduates. Others are in their first term in college. Younger ones are in high school. All are known by name and are thankful for their supporters. There are future STARS

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Meeting Fredrick in 2 weeks

Fredrick wrote: I never knew but now I have known that all those difficulties were never stumbling blocks, they were climbing blocks towards achievements! GOD IS GOOD! Fredrick is a graduate in education to teach in high school the subjects of history and economics, and to be a counselor. I will meet him, and other

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10 STARS Graduated Higher Education

10 STARS with funds, talents and time of STARS’ Supporters have certificates in trade skills, diplomas in technologies and services, and degrees in education and sciences. George, Electrical Installation Certificate Charles L., Mass Communication Diploma Gordon, Pharmaceutical Technology Diploma Moses, Pharmaceutical Technology Diploma Steve, Pharmaceutical Technology Diploma Derrick, Human Resources Management Diploma Faith, Environmental Science

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