Life as a Grandson

Gordon Aug 2013
Gordon Aug 2013

This experience encourages all that feel low in spirit because of challenges, sufferings and hardships. There is a reason for every step of an individual. God has a purpose for every one.

I am the second born in a family of six plus three others from another mother, as my father was polygamous. We are nine. Life was hard.

However, there are things that I only came to know through stories by villagers. My mother abandoned me at a tender age. My grandmother was my mother. My father, a drunkard, never had a stable income. He never remembered his family for supper or lunch, not even breakfast.

My grandmother encouraged me to work hard and told me how successful I would be in life. She taught me things such as how to cook, wash utensils and fetch firewood and water. My grandmother always prayed for me every evening and morning; I grew morally upright.

Life was never easy as my father introduced me to alcohol brewing for our survival. Three times a week, I would wake at 4.00 am to walk barefoot 4 km in search of molasses, the ingredient in brewing alcohol. I remember carrying two black 5-liter containers. One day I was pricked by a thorn, which took long to heal.

I started education at seven, would be late or not go and was despised for not regularly attending. On several occasions, I had no food but grandmother said drink water and go to school.

School fees were a big disaster in my life. I missed exams but did not give up since I had a strong mentor in my grandmother. She told me never to give up but endure all circumstances because nothing comes on a silver platter

My father died when I was in class two. I could not understand what caused his death after a long ailment. The villagers who despised my family had a lot to say, some saying that he died as a result of HIV infection, others too much drinking.

My peers mocked me saying my mother ran away from my father. I would shed tears. I was isolated and felt lonely. I told my grandmother all and most of the time she consoled me. She told me to respect people and never have vengeance on those who wronged me.

I studied hard and led on most exams. I do not understand how I registered for my end of primary examination. I passed and was the fifth best in the division but failed to enroll for high school because of financial conditions. I thought that was the end but my grandmother encouraged me to repeat class eight of primary education. She talked to the head teacher. He encouraged me at every step. I became his best student and he would use me as the example for students to copy.

I passed with excellence and received a letter from one of the best provincial schools in the Rift Valley Province, but could not go. Then, my grandmother got me in the village secondary school. My cousin with the Kenyan police force promised to send part of my fee for admission on 30 Jan 2006. However, I received news on that very same date shocked me. He had died.

However, within a week I was sponsored for my secondary education by St. Luke’s Ministry and STARS Children Africa. My life has changed for better, spiritually, morally and educationally.

While in high school, I lived with my grandmother. When I completed it, I thought that was the end of my education. Yet, I was offered to teach as untrained teacher in St. Luke’s ministry so I could get my soap and a few things for my grandmother. She was happy and blessed me.

From my grandmother I learnt the value of caring for orphans. I was an orphan and my grandmother never rejected me; neither did she mistreat me. From her I learnt the effect of prayer. She always encouraged me to believe in God and be prayerful.

I especially want to thank my fellow STARS for their comfort when my grandmother passed. I was not alone, felt togetherness and was happy. It was painful to see them leave after the burial.

I also want to thank you all for your prayers because I receive your blessings.

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