Celebrating Our Graduates: Overcomers, Trailblazers and Community Changers

Image of a girl graduating from college with a diploma.

May is a big month for students: thousands are graduating and thousands more are celebrating them. $5.32 billion will be spent in this endeavor them according to the National Research Federation.

Why do Americans spend so much to mark the milestone graduation?

Because it’s a really big deal. A high school or college graduation represents the cumulative achievement of many years of study, the investment of family members and mentors and is a rite of passage in life.

It’s a big deal to graduate. Especially for orphans who have had to overcome tremendous adversity to grasp the life-changing opportunity  of education

So STARS Children Africa is celebrating. With cheers, thanks and great pride, we celebrate our 2019 graduates:

Charles graduated from college with a diploma in Electrical and Power Engineering. As an older student, he encouraged and advised classmates, who were 4 years younger. Charles went to college later than his peers because he was headstrong and lacked focus after high school, trying many jobs but barely surviving. Eventually, he found his way home to St. Luke’s, where he volunteered as a primary school teacher. Given his newfound focus and teachable spirit, he qualified for a STARS college scholarship.

Meldrine graduated from high school and has gone on to college to earn a Culinary Certificate. Persistent and compassionate, her goal is to serve newborns or older people with health and handicap issues.

Julius graduated with Meldrine and will pursue the study of medicine in college. Julius grew up at St. Lukes and is proven to be very responsible and hard working.

Patricia graduated from college with a diploma in Information and Communication Technology. She has one more year of study to earn a diploma in education. Though she grew up with little exposure to technology, she has demonstrated a great aptitude for it!

Faith, a 2010 STARS alumna, graduated with Ph.D. in Environmental Science from Penn State University on a full scholarship. She earned her undergrad degree (also on a full scholarship) from Benedict College. She will be moving to Nevada on a postdoctoral fellowship focused on implementing and evaluating a waste management system to reduce medical and chemical waste.

Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world right in the eye.

Hellen Keller

We are proud of our graduates! We are excited to see what they do next and how they help others along the way.  

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