Verena’s Take on the STARS Volunteers and Transformation

What has struck me the most about this trip so far, is the maturity of the young men, tenacity of the young women and each one’s unique drive and interests to pursue their futures.  These are the STARS that have completed their secondary school education and are now in the 18 month gap before learning their  opportunities for higher education.  Most of the STARS have a keen awareness of social, political and economic issues, both domestic and abroad, and they want to be part of helping Kenya grow and advance.  When I look at these 12 sitting around Ken in our morning sessions, I see a microcosm of how each ones’ talents and interests can contribute positively to different aspects of society, whether it is law, the arts, education, medicine, or technology. I imagine what we could do if what I see in these impressive young adults could be scaled up. if we could do so, I think it could change Kenyan society in one generation.  Finally, I see how their faith has brought them to this point and how they consider it critical to carry them into their future aspirations.

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